Mechanical Engineering Service

Outstanding ideas need progressive development

You've got an idea of a new product and a vision of its details. All you need is a partner who shares your vision and will help develop and improve your product to maximize its competitiveness on the market. We're offering this kind of partnership, ensured by a well-coordinated and highly professional team who is experienced in different branches of science and engineering.

We will help you to reach your objective in the shortest possible time.

The combination of our experience and use of up-to-date CAD/CAE technologies is the fastest way to the creation of a new product.

Consistent use of CAE-technologies helps to convert your ideas into competitive products in the shortest amount of time. This is possible through the experience of our employees and the use of computer simulation. At each stage of the development of the product we're actively using 3D-modelling, finite element computations, and multi-body simulation.
We are working on your idea

and saving you time and money.